For the last couple of years I have been working with incredible professionals in the video realm. They usually work in a team of two and love drone videography. They are relaxed while perfeccionists, funny while serious, and overall my kind of people.

These are the guys that work alongside me during the most stressful moments, and that relax with me in the calm ones. They are my friends and they are my family (figuratively speaking, we're not really related, but you get my point) and hence they are ones that know all of my crazy moves (and I theirs) so we can "dance" seamlessly together during your wedding and get your gorgeous photos and videos without intruding in each others work! And what more can a girl ask for while shooting?

Check their work below and tell me: aren't they amazing?
Their pricing for weddings begins at 1500EUR | 1850USD | 1350GBP | 2400AUD | 2350 CAD​​​​​​​
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