This may just be one of my favorite things ever and whenever I get married I'll be covering my walls with these!

Our livesketching service consists in having a super talented artist creating real time sketches of the key moments of your day. It will not be a picture perfect portrait, but a dynamic original capture of the instants that must be remembered. Like that second when a bride twirls her dress in front of the mirror or when the mother and father are both helping the groom get dressed. The first kiss after the ceremony, that time you take to be just the two of you (and me) having your couple pictures done away from the crowd, or when the dance floor gets busy and crazy...

He'll deliver either a set of 7 black and white sketches and a watercolor, or 7 watercolors depending on your choice. He can also be there doing his thing live at your wedding or work based on the videos later on, which is usually the ideal choice for destination or international weddings. Just ask me for the options and pricing and I'll help you choose.
His pricing for events begins at 250EUR | 300USD | 225GBP | 400AUD | 400 CAD​​​​​​​
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